14 Nov

Oval Face

For straight/ wavy hair: Have your hairdresser cut layers in your hair. The layers may be cut at your chin, cheeks, or lips depending on what you would like to highlight. You could also add some bangs that will add emphasis to your eyes.

For curly hair: Layered hair that stops at the chin will stop the frizz and be easy to maintain.

For Textured Hair: Have your hair proportionate or else long strands will draw attention away from your face. The length can either be chin length or past your shoulders to stop your face from looking too round.

Round Face

For straight/ wavy hair: Your hair will naturally fall against your face making it look rounder.  You should opt for shorter pieces that hit your check bone so you can create some structure or go for a side swept bang. The hair length should be longer to balance out your features or cut it into a short bob that is short in back and long in front.

For curly hair: Snip some layers into your hair and grow your hair long which will elongate your face shape and cut down on the frizz.

For textured hair:  Go for long flowing layers in the back and shorter layers up front. You can also part your hair on the side which will add an interesting angle to your round face.

Square Face

For straight/ wavy hair: Avoid chopping your layers at your chin which will give you a harsh look. If you want a short bob cut layers so they gradually get longer in the front hitting a little bit below the chin. For short hair get a pixie cut that has multiple layers on top which will balance out your sharp jaw line.

For curly hair: Sadly by having curly hair the volume from your hair will add width to your face. To narrow the widths of your face add volume on bottom by having long hair with round layers.

For texture hair: Go for hair that hits the base of your neck or longer and add layers that go out from the nape of the neck to the crown which will balance out your strong jawline.  Also you could add bangs which will soften your face shape.

Heart- Shaped Face

For straight/ wavy hair: Ask your hairdresser for a cut longer than your chin with concave layers which will add body to the bottom of the face. To add movement to the hair you could cut the front of your hair into wispy bangs.

For curly hair: You can do the same as straight/ wavy hair but you could also texturize the ends of your hair to keep the hair from being frizzy.

For textured hair:  Get a cut with a triangular angle which will allow the hair to hang straighter.  You can also add small layers to add body to the top of your head.

Long Face

For straight/ wavy hair: Try to not have too long or short of hair. The best length is shoulder length with long flowing layers and if you add bangs you add width to your face.

For curly hair: Curly hair looks best on long faces. You want your hair to hit below the collarbone and above the breast bone.

For textured hair: Hair should sweep across face in  a form of a bang or side part to add a balance to the face.

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