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Check out Tips on Picking the Right Foundation for a Flawless Complexion

Check out Tips on Picking the Right Foundation for a Flawless Complexion.

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From Broken Mirrors to Smelly Lip Glosses! Check Out these Tips on Keeping Your Make Up Secure

From Broken Mirrors to Smelly Lip Glosses! Check Out these Tips on Keeping Your Make Up Secure.


From Broken Mirrors to Smelly Lip Glosses! Check Out these Tips on Keeping Your Make Up Secure

From Broken Mirrors to Smelly Lip Glosses! Check Out these Tips on Keeping Your Make Up Secure


How to Fix Broken Make Up - BellaNaija - July2013Ever had that feeling of complete shock whenever you drop your eye shadow palette? Your heart seizes and even though you are trying to keep your calm, you keep muttering “Please no, please no, please no!“I have had one too many of those and frankly I am tired of having to clean the spill over and over. So how do we avoid that temporary moment of shock? You can’t. You can only learn to live with it, and the only way to live with it and still have a regular blood pressure is to know how to prevent and remedy the problem.

From eye shadows to broken mirrors, ladies go through a lot to keep our make up items intact. So, how can we do this better?

Follow these simple tips that you can incorporate in your daily make up routine to make it easier.

Broken Mirrors or Eye Shadow Palettes
To avoid broken mirrors, eye shadow palettes e.t.c, place a flat slab of cotton wool in the palette case and close it tight. The cotton wool pressing against the eye shadow would act as a cushion for impact (think of it as a DIY Styrofoam). So even if it falls, your eye shadow will still remain intact.

Shattered Eye Shadow
If your eye shadow falls and breaks, no worries there is a solution. Smash what is left of the eye shadow until you get a fine powder. After, put a few drops of  rubbing alcohol in the eye shadow and use a spoon to mash together until it turns to a paste. After you get your paste, level the eye shadow in its original palette. Clean off any spills or excess residue and let the rest dry. To get a more compact look, place a coin in a handkerchief, enclose the coin and twist shut. Then, use the coin as a stamp or press to level the eye shadow in.

When the eye shadow dries, your palette will look as good as new.

Ruined Make Up Brush Bristles
If your make up brush bristles get scattered you can fix them by simply washing them. Sometimes when you leave dirt on your make up brush for too long, the dirt could begin to affect the bristles. Also, the method of cleaning them could be a problem. Do not rub your make up brushes dry, instead lay them on a lint free towel and let them air dry.

Letting your make up brush dry standing up right (with the bristles facing up) could be damaging your brush as well. You don’t want water to seep into the brush handle and ruin it.

Broken Lipstick
So you have decapitated your lipstick? No worries you can fix it. Simply use a blow drier or lit match stick to melt both halves of the lipstick. After you have melted them, place the part that broke off in the container and twist the lipstick back in. The last step is to place it in the freezer to harden.

Greasy/ Dirty Make Up Compacts or Make Up Packs
Have you got grimy or dirty cases and compacts? That one is sort of on you. As you make up and grab different tools out of your bag, you fingers come in contact with various powders and oils which at the end of the day ends up on the packs you hold. A quick solution to this is to get a pack of wipes and clean your make up packs and compacts. This way all your make up tools look neat.

Wrong Make Up Bag Size
Undersized make up bags are another major problem ladies face. It’s either too small or it’s too big. Instead of battling these problems, you can get a compact bag to keep all your make up items. These compact bags have different pockets and sections allocated to your make up brushes, powders, eye pencils etc. Just make sure to get it in an average size so you do not run into the same problem.

Dry Mascara
There are times when we have dry mascara and it’s not because it’s old. It could be that you didn’t close it properly, air entered and dried it out. Whichever way, there is a solution to getting that dry mascara as good as new. Adding a few drops of saline solution to your mascara would dissolve any clump and make it smoother. Saline solution is similar to salt water but isn’t as harsh and is the substance placed in contact lens packs. You can find it in a pharmacy, usually in the form of eye drops for sensitive eyes.

Also remember, to keep air out of your mascara tubes, twist them as you put the mascara spool back.

Stinky Lip Gloss
This problem occurs mainly with lip glosses that have an applicator. When you use the applicator on your lip and place it back, it is very possible that you are transferring saliva into the tube of gloss. The mixture plus the fact that it’s in an enclosed space may cause it to start smelling. When you use the gloss, wipe it after each swipe on your lip. This way you are more preventive.

In other cases it could be that the gloss has been on the shelf for too long and you just happened to buy it. It has outlived its shelf life and now is no longer good for use. If this is the case please stop using the gloss, it could start other issues like infections etc.

Exploding Make Up Items
If you have to clean your make up bag every day because the items keep spilling, you may want to consider a bigger bag. Majority of the products we buy are sealed in different containers. When pressure, like that from a tightly sealed bag is applied, the contents of the make up item would need a source of relief therefore ripping its case and spilling. A bigger bag would give your make up items more breathing space and let you enjoy using them.

Got any tips on how to revive damaged make up? Don’t forget to share.


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Loving Your Brushes! Quick Tips on Caring for & Maintaining Your Make Up Brushes

Loving Your Brushes! Quick Tips on Caring for & Maintaining Your Make Up Brushes.

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Beauty Nest with Ameera: Let Your Skin Glow for the Season

Beauty Nest with Ameera: Let Your Skin Glow for the Season.

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